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CycleSkyns: The Company

What are CycleSkyns?

This is a close-up of the serger type stitching used to construct the Cycleskyns covers
Close-up of stitching used in CycleSkyns covers:

Cycle Skyns are protective motorcycle covers made from 3.5-4.0 mm thick neoprene (wetsuit material) to offer a very durable product that provides exceptional protection to the painted areas of the motorcycle while covered. These covers are for use during repairs, maintenance, and storage; they are not intended for use while riding.

Custom CycleSkyns covers are available, just let us know your make and model. Customization is also available in the form of custom embroidered labels.

All covers are meticulously hand-crafted in San Diego, California--American made.

How Cycleskyns Began

Sandy, the company owner riding her first Red Sportster Harley Davidson Motorcycle Our founder, Sandy learned to sew and design at a very young age and has done an extensive amount of professional sewing both for garment manufacture and upholstery of automobiles, RVs, boats, motorcycle seats and seats for off-road vehicles.Sandy riding her first motorcycle which was a Pearl Yamaha Route 66 Shown above, Sandy is also a Harley rider who recognized a need to protect the paint on her motorcycle during storage and maintenance.
Being an experienced professional seamstress and designer, and the owner of Seams Creative, she created the protective motorcycle covers in 1996 as a hobby. It turned into a business as she realized there was a demand for the products.

Allcovers are meticulously handmade in San Diego, California--American made.

We enjoy the challenge of custom work and welcome new product ideas. Just click the "Contact" link above to send suggestions or questions to us.