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What Are CycleSkyns™?

CycleSkyns™ are fitted neoprene (wet suit material) motorcycle covers that protect individual painted portions of the motorcycle and offer supreme protection to the motorcycle paint from scratches and bumps while parked and/or during service.

Why use CycleSkyns™?

You just bought yourself a Harley Davidson motorcycle. You plan on customizing it to fit your style. You look around at all the possibilities and a custom paint job is just what it needs to express your individual personality. The paint job you want will cost thousands of dollars. How do you protect that investment? CycleSkyns™ specialty service covers (aka: mechanis's covers) are the answer.

CycleSkyns™ motorcycle covers provide the best paint protection of any mechanic's covers available today whether you want to protect your special custom paint or the stock paint job from Harley Davidson, the choice is clear: CycleSkyns.

History of CycleSkyns™

Designed for and used by a growing number of Harley Davidson dealers while servicing their customers’ motorcycles, CycleSkyns™ snuggly fit, cover and protect the painted portions of the motorcycle. This special fit allows the mechanic to service the engine and moving parts with unrestricted access while the painted portions of the motorcycle are protected. Growing demand from customers prompted CycleSkyns to expand into the consumer market making CycleSkyns™ great for the home mechanic. Being made of thick neoprene, that custom paint job is protected! They are the ideal motorcycle covers for anyone who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a stock or custom paint job whether you service your own motorcycle or just want protection while parked in your garage. We also can manufacture custom CycleSkyns motorcycle covers for any make and model of motorcycle. Just contact us with the details of what you need or want.